Bank4YOU Prepaid Card is a unique payment tool if you are are working or studying abroad. Receive and Send Money to Your Relatives No matter where you are

Prepaid card is a simple plastic alternative to carrying cash around, it’s safe, reliable and easy to use.

It allows you to streamline your budget and manage your spending -  it's a great way to track your own budget or teach children about cash flow.

  • Order and receive a card in 48 hours without visiting a bank
  • Send and Receive funds from family, employers and universities
  • Set up your spending limits to stay within the budget
  • Receive instant balance updates
  • Enjoy the high card limits ( The highest one across all Prepaid Cards, we won an award for that!)

Spending money abroad was never as easy!

Bank4You App World on the go

  1. Instant Display of transactions To keep a track of your spendings
  2. 24/7 Online Chat Support Our team will help you to resolve any inquiry
  3. Multicurrency Support Upload and use additional cards in supporting different currencies
  4. Invite a Friend Spread the word about our Prepaid Cards and receive a complimentary £5/€5 on your account
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